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April 22-24 – Quilt Camp.

April 9 – Sew-in (The photos below are from the 2015 Sew-in. Most attendees worked on the 3-D Pinwheel block.  Several others worked on their own projects.)

PIECED TOGETHER QUILTERS Guild of Bridgewater, NJ participated in a group project to produce their own versions of the Aunt Lucy Medallion Quilt designed by Lori Smith. From beginner quilters to experienced Masters, whether it was following the pattern to a “T”, or revising it by changing the colors and pattern to suit their level of skill; whomever joined this project had their own individual challenge producing their interpretation of “Aunt Lucy.” As a collective, the members of Pieced Together Quilters who participated are proud to display their own “Aunt Lucy’” in this special exhibit for the Mancuso Quilt Fest. With inspiration, encouragement, knowledge, learning and friendship, we are PTQ.